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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Brenda and Trace Got Enganged

The couple is getting married, Cyrus just confirmed on Twitter.

“I am very excited to say, last week I asked my girlfriend Brenda Song to marry me and she said YES!” he wrote. “We are both very excited to be engaged!”

Cyrus is the older brother of Miley Cyrus.

Song first gained fame on the Disney series “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody” before appearing in The Social Network, while Trace Cyrus is a musician best known for the band Metro Station.

Congrats to the couple!

Report about rick ross

TMZ has learned ... Rick Ross' private jet made an emergency landing in Birmingham, Alabama, 2 hours ago, en route to his concert in Memphis ... and we found out he suffered another seizure.

It's the second time today where a plane in which the rapper was a passenger made an emergency landing. We broke the story ... Rick suffered a seizure this morning on a Delta flight that returned to the Ft. Lauderdale airport.

Rick went to the hospital, was released, and then took off at 5:07 PM ET from Ft. Lauderdale to make his concert tonight in Memphis. But at 5:44 PM CDT, the plane was diverted and landed in Birmingham after Rick had a seizure on board.

Rick is currently in a Birmingham hospital emergency room. We do not know his condition.

Before Rick took off from Ft. Lauderdale, he tweeted a video showing he was ok.

Rick was supposed to be on stage in Memphis at 7:30 PM ET.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Kim Kardashian Totally Calm

LOS ANGELES, Calif. --

Kim Kardahsian will be walking down the aisle in less than a week, but the reality star isn’t feeling any pre-wedding jitters. “I’m very calm,” Kim told Access Hollywood on Sunday at the Do Something Awards in Los Angeles when asked about her upcoming nuptials to NBA star Kris Humphries.

“Maybe last week I was a little bit more freaked out with space and invites, just making sure everything was perfect,” she continued. “But this week I’m totally calm.” Kim credits the secret to her Zen approach with her career endeavors. “I’m busy,” she told Access. “I have my big Sears launch (the Kardashian collection) this week, so I’m kind of just focusing on that. I’m working every single day this week.”

The bride-to-be, who will be wearing a Vera Wang gown at her August 20 ceremony in Montecito, also took to Twitter over the weekend to express her wedding joy. “OMGGGG my wedding is a week away!!!! This is so crazy! I’m so happy!” Kim wrote.

NASCAR's fifth first-time winner

Marcos Ambrose became the latest first-time winner on the NASCAR Sprint Cup circuit, capturing Monday's rain-delayed race at Watkins Glen International. Ambrose piloted his No. 9 Ford past Brad Keselowski on the penultimate lap and held on from there to capture the Heluva Good! Sour Cream Dips at The Glen. Keselowski was second, Kyle Busch third, Martin Truex Jr. fourth and Joey Logano fifth.

· RESULTS: Watkins Glen finishing order

"It's just a dream come true," the Richard Petty Motorsports driver said from victory lane, the fifth first-timer to visit there this season — most in NASCAR's premier series since 2002.

Other first-time winners this year: Trevor Bayne (Daytona 500), Regan Smith (Southern 500 at Darlington), David Ragan (Coke Zero 400 at Daytona) and Paul Menard (Brickyard 400 at Indianapolis).

Busch held the lead on the final restart but was passed by Keselowski in Turn 1. Ambrose then moved by Keselowski on the 2.45-mile road course's inner loop and drove away to win by a little less than half-a-second.

The last restart resulted from a crash by Paul Menard, after Ambrose reduced a 2.5-second lead held by Busch to two car-lengths.

A pair of last-lap crashes, primarily involving David Reutimann, Ragan and Tony Stewart, brought out a yellow caution flag, ending the race with Ambrose in the lead.

Monday, August 1, 2011


Beneath the coupled gold faints the painless catalog.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Alexander Skarsgard and Kate Bosworth Split

After months of speculation about their relationship status, including an analysis of their comings and goings at last January's Golden Globes, Alexander Skarsgard and Kate Bosworth have split. And, according to reports, it was not only mutual but a while ago.

The towheaded True Blood star, 34, and Bosworth, 28, who costar together in this year's upcoming remake of 1971's Straw Dogs, were first linked in October 2009, when they were seen making eyes at each other and then hopping into a car at Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood.

The following April, they were cozying up together at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival – though keeping quiet about their relationship

"We are very good friends," L.A. native Bosworth told PEOPLE in February 2010. "He's a wonderful, wonderful man. I adore him."

Pressed for further details, she responded: "That's a minefield, man! I'm not stepping into that. I've learned too well from being on that road."

As for what the future may hold for the Stockholm-born Skarsgard, who as vampire Eric Northman has undergone a metamorphosis to mellow on this season of the HBO hit, he told PEOPLE in 2009 that when it comes to finding the right woman, "A sense of humor is No. 1, for sure. Being funny and smart is very important."

Britain bans airbrushed Julia Roberts make-up ad

Dolphins to conditionally acquire Bush from Saints

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Earth Day 2011 Participation

Earth Hour 2011 Earth Day celebration for us, and "more than 120 countries turn off lights for 60 minutes from 8:30 to 21:30 local community to raise awareness of climate change is global participate." video After the end of the first half.

Mega Millions Lotto Numbers

Mega Millions winning numbers for last night, what they are attracted? Million to 312 million lottery win? And just curiosity, who did not play "Lost" numbers, which won last?
If you remember, is not in January, and mega millions winning numbers drawn, with a mega ball 42 No. 4, 8, 15, 25, and 47. Was U.S. $ 355 million lottery, but they buzz about money problems. Winning television series won a number eerily lottery numbers are similar to what happened, and lost. Lost, Hurley 4.8 15, number, 16.23, with 42 won a major trophy. The data in this regard was considered kicking role.
If the number of fans lost a difficult game again last night to draw mega millions not be surprised, but then a shot. New mega millions 4 Hair 22:24, 31 52, and 54 and Mega number win.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Blackberry Playbook Price Released

In the middle of the night Pre-orders - are found. Margins and for the first time official depreciate 7 - inch black book revealed gameplay is true to his promise, spending less than $ 500. $ 500 less than one per cent. 16GB games program is only good in the present system and other wireless retailers with a comprehensive list comes soon buy. Staples, Office Depot and Radio shack in the United States between a series of popular shops,, Sprint and Verizon AT & T continue painting throughout. T-Mobile all in this list. Canada for the first model, orders currently live and $ 499.99 in local currency dollar, but. Wireless 32GB model will be C $ 600 and 64GB $ 700 to Jim Canucks return form, the value of U. Can identify S. In addition, in all parts of the beach to maintain balance if the price. Press almost complete (still not released the date) after the first half is as follows. 

Update: Media United States, other wireless version approved full price: $ 500 16 GB, 32GB and 64GB 700 is $ 600 dollars. Plan available on April 19!

All my Children News

Erica picture day without looking? They think it is not a source close to "all my children" television series that we make sure our friend is in danger.
Today in BC's "All My Children" about the fate or as announced yesterday. Despite being the biggest brand, "AMC" the group determine a set of economic crisis.
If the Commission has been in California "Live a Life", ABC can cancel spent. ABC notes deadline "AMC" talk show, which I did with CBS may replace similar "change the world."
In recent weeks, said, 'AMC's with soap and your family "with the appointment of Standard Nylsn vote, significant population of women 18-49 said they came to lecture the audience was 463,000, down 34 percent . Thus the total audience last year in the family. series, is amazing 2320000 to 2360000 during the week "Live life a" starting March.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Big Love Final Episode

Hong topics, again sold - Boys "God Only Knows," Natalie Maines and recorded by the Dixie girls: Sundays, "Big Love" with a change has reached the final. A song by a woman decided to read - with a famous song, only God knows what I'm without you - effective, especially now that set of events.

How is Warning: successful launch of a new church after surprisingly, Bill Hendrickson shot unhappy neighbors. His family left behind in the mood for change, as burning is to empower women, and Margene sees South Africa's long journey, and adhered to the root Nikkei St.

Deliberately, as in many television bill and Sara Scott in church life before the event happens after a child's death. "This is my heart that this bill can not see that is broken, said:" Margene and sporting a new look, and most important, new perspective and we bill for the fire loss, location Find your special kitchen table.

You left the "love bug" in the final scenes without her sister women think? Under the weight of the final series.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Network Solutions latest offer

Xpress Network Solutions ® ™ nsProtect safe area health authority in the web design and fast delivery service and are included in the State of Art 256 - a small business owner that his business or personal web site Please confirm information.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ides of March happening

Ides of Archbishop in ancient Rome, "Ides" or "injecting drug users" in Latin) in the middle of this month is a term. And 15 March, May, July and October, and 13 months is requested. March Ides, a military parade with Mars, the god of war, honor the day, and 44, when the dictator Caesar Roman Forum war conspiracy BC death, but. After this the woman replied, "I said: I told him, Julie, Nero Nero, Julie, is the Ides of March..., know, actually." Researchers:: Caesar, Calpurnia said.

Mike "The Situation Handler"

Mike at every opportunity "scenario" can not handle all Sorrentino. Comics.

Be aware that if you see this video, you witness such an attack and most of them have seen is not a comedy. For some reason, Sorrentino "Comedy Central Roast Donald Trump" (Tuesday, 10:30 on Comedy Central) for being so bad than expected, was called. Comedy Central wrong before roasting roasts. Love the show and actress Brigitte court is not Nylsn, but it seems that at least knew that they were factors. Sorrentino felt physically really think it was funny.
"Because it insulted people still firing people, but very well because he hated his is completely still," he thanked the audience is clear on his face. It was all on a kill. It is certainly painful to watch at home.

Whitney Kamyngz attack, asking that he was a kid. Not even sure how to answer. Jeffrey Ross, however, knows how to get back. "You and I both have a lot of friends," Ross said Sorrentino. "We are both from New Jersey, and his first night in Comedy Night."
"This is the night of your website, just so you know," replied: "Ross, and man, and hope.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bachelor Spoilers Show

Bachelor spoilers here ... Then read on if you want to know the answer to "who did not choose Brad and Mac?"

Bachelor before the spoilers! (You have been warned ...)

Final grade after the final Rose reveals that Brad and Mac took ... And all the spoilers point Baccalaureate 2011 Emily Maynard!  
2011 Bachelor of spoilers reveal that Brad and Emily Maynard Mack suggests ... It seems a sure thing, given that the buzz is that the evolved Chantal O'Brien with a new companion. I wonder if Brad and Emily get married because it broke once already because it is over and reality?

Japan Earthquake Article

When it happens with Japan, they acknowledged it how to Rock and Roll N '- but they also look to be good at setting records. The quake, which occurred in Sendai, Japan in 2011, the fifth-largest earthquake ever feel, where records are available and adequate. You can tell a big, I mean really big?
Well, if you want to know all of recorded history on the Richter scale since been established there were only three other than Japan. For example, according to Wikipedia, the Richter scale had not even developed in 1935 by Charlie Sheen, I mean Charles Richter Beno Gutenberg at Cal Tech in California, while Charlie Sheen, he shook the actor who seemed to lose his head, and Hollywood around 2011.
If you will recall was the recent earthquake in Chile, 8.8 earthquake and the earthquake in Sumatra, the Andaman and was 9.3, which caused the tsunami in the Indian Ocean. Probably due to the earthquake Haiti and modern earthquakes New Zealand, which was slightly lower, but not less destructive to the structures or the destruction of people's lives - may be recommended if you live in a seismic area to have a plan. In fact, there is a very good book I can recommend if you do not feel as if you're ready now well, and I would say it is a book that I personally live here in California. The name of the book is:

"The Survival Handbook disaster" was written by Alton L. Thygerson, Brigham Young University, Salt Lake City, UT (1979) 248 pages, ISBN: 0-8425-1629-8.

The book explains what you can do in your own life to protect your family and your property and what to do immediately. Not only is there a great earthquake preparedness information, supplies needed, and how ready to fight for your living - but also how to deal with replicas, power outages, water drinking, cooking, and survive, literally surviving, you will not have communication, TV, Internet, gas, electricity, and you may not be able to drink water even if you have some circulating pipes.

It is a great survival book, because it handles all types of disasters, and I ask you - you and your family ready when and if disaster? Be prepared because when such an event hits the emergency services are potentially so overwhelmed, you're on your own. Thus, it may be a good awakening for you to consider the reality of such a potential eventuality. Think about it.

The basic principles of Society

How can we tell others: "Do not be the man say?

(person of this article involving men and women of all ages.)

If we do that some will refuse to negative words on the other hand, some of them at the stage of denial, and some say that "Yes, this is true.
Life issues for most of us, but in a society full of concern, there are times we forget to be kind to others. We forget that we must be careful, we forget to be humble and serve and love one another. This happens often.
I do not write this article to glorify me. I write articles to raise ideas, and pray for good ideas and positive action for all. Most of the time I look up to older people who have lived interesting lives. I try to enjoy the good things that I did, and I try not to do negative actions that can happen again. I realize that when people get older, they grow up with love, grace and wisdom. Lived for others, and their families, friends, communities, workplaces and countries. Certainly, they have nice things to share, even in the years before his death.

"He lived a good life is good preparation for death, let me emphasize that.
There are several ways when you can be good for others. Usually, does not know of these decisions to others. Doing good is to reach a secret agreement with God, and those who received them. Well, perhaps, some come to declare support for them in prayer.
But then there are those who can look so great, but in their hearts, they megatons of charity for all and for all. This offers a strong business is to form the sky and come to pray for strictly humanitarian.
How can we act wisely, but with joy?
Think: Try to list the pros and cons of the plans and projects, assignments or work. Add interest. Add disadvantages. Usually the answer is in favor of increasing the value or profit, but after finding out whether the majority of benefits to mankind. If a man is suffering, which constitutes a violation of life. What is required? And "brainstorming" comes in flashes, like lightning from the north, south, east and west. Therefore, we must pray for good (both men and women) working saint.

21st World Newspaper Advertising Discussion Herding

It was a very encouraging message to emerge from this conference that the ads in the newspaper still has a role to play in the overall advertising market. Seems that despite all the attention that gets digital newspapers ads advertising revenue is still promising. It is important, however, that companies are not on the newspaper digital advertising. The most effective strategy is to adopt a multi-media.

Said one speaker, Anders Berglund, Sales Manager in a Swedish newspaper, Aftonbladet: "I do not still linked to most of the profits for printing products - you can make is still a lot of money from printing it is important to focus on attention. launches new products but also the further development of existing products ".

Offers a wide range of products, and attract no more than one drive, but in addition to aussi advertisers. Seven years, the Father and the German daily, Die Zeit, a son random rose 19% and 81% of advertising revenue. Dr. Rainer Esser, CEO of Die Zeit, a newspaper devoted to the success of the strategic expansion seen a special section for students and schoolchildren, and travel and family well in Quebec.

Said Eamonn Byrne, founder and Director of the Partnership Byrne in the United Kingdom, it is important for newspapers and advertisers to distinguish between fashion and trends. The result is that digital advertising is common now, but advertising in newspapers and will be a positive trend. Byrne goes to far as to say that dominate the future of print ads that more people than ever read newspapers, online news.
One of the reasons could be that digital advertising is a lot of pressure because it is driven by a small but very vocal people. This is because they are very strong so they get a lot of attention, which gives the impression that the only news that really matters on the Internet. But the fact of the matter is that most readers of news print and online content.

Is the case for media companies to make sure they are still relevant and maintaining the latest news, so continue to attract advertisers. At the same time they should seek to expand in other ways to remain relevant to all generations of readers.   

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Mike DeStefano died

Mike Destefano "the famous comedian" left the world on Sunday because of heart attack. A magazine stated about this popular funny actor who got fourth position in the Last Comic Standing.

Mike suffered from HIV positive and after his treatment; by getting rid of heroins he narrated some topic by focusing to his addictions and delivered in a comic way.

One of the friend of Mike Destefano told the news to Punchline and also TV anchors confirmed about the news of Destefano in accordance to his producer's words that he sent on Twitter by writing apologies and sorry to the lover and promised them for sending reply and e-mails as soon as possible. Producer also stated that Mike Destefano was our brother and he will be in our hearts forever.

Mike started his career at the age of 31 when he working as a drug counselor. He performed his duties in Florida. His website shows his biography in which he said that he love to make laugh by his comedy in the conventions and after getting good responses he moved towards in shows.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Watch Australia vs Srilanka

Australia and Srilanka are playing their first and important match against each other in the world cup 2011. All cricket lover will be dieing to watch the match. As this match is very important for both teams. Aus won last world cup by defeating Sri in 2007 world cup. Today's match contains the point match if Aus wins then the points will lead them to the top of rankings in World cup 2011. For cricket lovers, this is the best chance to promote their lovely team. Many Hollywood Celebs are also from Australia and hope they will be watching this match to promote their beloved country.

To enjoy every single ball of the match people will be sticking with their computers, radios and Televisions. All Hollywood celebs from Australia might be watching this amazing fight for World cup 2011. Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban, Naomi Watts, Hugh jackman, Russell Crowe as well as Liam Hemsworth the famous Australian's native and also the Hollywood Celebs might watch this match live via their reliable resources today. Now the important thing is which will be your own important and loving team and which team you'll support the most.