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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The basic principles of Society

How can we tell others: "Do not be the man say?

(person of this article involving men and women of all ages.)

If we do that some will refuse to negative words on the other hand, some of them at the stage of denial, and some say that "Yes, this is true.
Life issues for most of us, but in a society full of concern, there are times we forget to be kind to others. We forget that we must be careful, we forget to be humble and serve and love one another. This happens often.
I do not write this article to glorify me. I write articles to raise ideas, and pray for good ideas and positive action for all. Most of the time I look up to older people who have lived interesting lives. I try to enjoy the good things that I did, and I try not to do negative actions that can happen again. I realize that when people get older, they grow up with love, grace and wisdom. Lived for others, and their families, friends, communities, workplaces and countries. Certainly, they have nice things to share, even in the years before his death.

"He lived a good life is good preparation for death, let me emphasize that.
There are several ways when you can be good for others. Usually, does not know of these decisions to others. Doing good is to reach a secret agreement with God, and those who received them. Well, perhaps, some come to declare support for them in prayer.
But then there are those who can look so great, but in their hearts, they megatons of charity for all and for all. This offers a strong business is to form the sky and come to pray for strictly humanitarian.
How can we act wisely, but with joy?
Think: Try to list the pros and cons of the plans and projects, assignments or work. Add interest. Add disadvantages. Usually the answer is in favor of increasing the value or profit, but after finding out whether the majority of benefits to mankind. If a man is suffering, which constitutes a violation of life. What is required? And "brainstorming" comes in flashes, like lightning from the north, south, east and west. Therefore, we must pray for good (both men and women) working saint.


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