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Friday, January 14, 2011

President Obama Addressing with Tucson

America President Barak Obama was addressing in Tucson (City of Southeastern Arizona) and he was comforting the unhappy society, he complimented the brave people who died in shooting at the weekend in Arizona. He rewarded them as the brave soldiers and tribute to all those people who were killed in shooting and asked them to be practical Americans and talk to each other in a good behavior that our people are alive they are not dead  they are in our hearts and do not birth the revenge in your hearts.

Brandi Favre Arrested

Brandi Favre, sister of very famous celebrity Brett favre got arrested due her bad profession i.e., meth burst. Brandi, a 34 years old lady got arrested red handedly and police collected all the stuff and materials using to make such drugs that damage the central nervous system. Police raided on Mississippi Condo where Brandi and four more people were making the drugs (methamphetamine). Brett Favre embarrassed at all this issue and did not come forward for her bail. Brandi and her four drug companions got arrested and accused for manufacturing meth and custody of an illegal stuff.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

New Zodiac Sign Dates details

New Zodiac signs in prominent in the stars dates. Astrology polishes must be with these dates (these are the new Zodiac dates), sparkling the star’s locations that where all the stars are currently united:
Capricorn: Jan. 20-Feb. 16.
Aquarius: Feb. 16-March 11.
Pisces: March 11-April 18.
Aries: April 18-May 13.
Taurus: May 13-June 21.
Gemini: June 21-July 20.
Cancer: July 20-Aug. 10.
Leo: Aug. 10-Sept. 16.
Virgo: Sept. 16-Oct. 30.
Libra: Oct. 30-Nov. 23.
Scorpio: Nov. 23-29. Nov. 29-Dec. 17.
Sagittarius: Dec. 17-Jan. 20.                  
Ophiuchus (a huge group in the equatorial state among Hercules and Scorpius) was redundant by the Babylonians because they required 12 zodiac signs per annum.

Ted Williams got Arrested

Ted Williams a man of two different voices got arrested after fighting with her daughter. Her daughter Janey called police and stated that her father fights with her and hit her daily. He got drunk every night and hit her hard.

Ted is famous for his amazing voice, Ted sounds in two different voices and for the quality of his voice he was moving for radio. Ted earned a good repute on you tube. Now Ted hasn’t any roof over his head after getting out of his house due to accusing.

Ted was speaking about her innocence and his statement was showing a different aspect that his daughter janey always trying to stop her to not to sell his story to the press and accused me of a drunk man. Now it’s really very difficult to distinguish between truth or lie.

Mathew Bellamy and Kate Hudson news

Kate Hudson an ax-wife of Chriss Robinson has a great news of pregnancy. A reliable source verified that Kate is pregnant now she has an affair with her boyfriend Matthew Bellamy. Kate is an 14 week pregnant lady now. This was such a thing they don't eager to plan. They did not plan for baby but unfortunately it happend. They are fully facing embarresment after this news.

Kate was dating with her boyfriend for nine months and she has also a seven years old son from her ex-husband Chris Robinson. According to reliable source "Kate" is also happy for her son Ryder that he will not be alone now because of her pregnancy and one day he will get a brother or a sister to play with. Wish this couple a very best of luck for future as this is the top most story of today.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

David Nelson Death News

David Nelson born in 24th Oct, 1936 in New York. According to an Associated Press, actor David Nelson died at the age of 74 due to Colon Cancer. After fighting for life with Colon Cancer Mr. David Nelson lose the battle of life and sets in rest. David was the actor of famous Television show named as "The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet". David was acting in this show with his entire family including his brother Rick as well as with his parents. David Nelson died at his house situated in Los Angeles. David was the resident of Century City which is the area Los Angeles.

David Nelson's birth city was New York and grown up at Los Angeles when his entire family moved to Los Angeles. David joined the school in Los Angeles named as Hollywood High School. This was the school where he started his educations and after completing his school he joined University of Southern California and completed his educations. The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet was a radio station and when it started its new line i.e, Television, David asked his family to join the Television show.

David direct his show in 1952 to 1966 and after that in 1976 he acted again with ther mother in different shows like;

-Smash-Up on Intersate 5
-The Love Boat
-High School USA
-A Family for Joe

David Nelson got award in 1996 for Hollywood Walk of Fame. Nelson had a wife with four sons, one daughter and seven grandchildren. But life has to end one day so the day comes to Nelson and at last he died after having a huge fight for life.

The Chipmunks Report

A famous quiz show asked a quest about chipmunks, which of the three wore Glasses? They gave three choices for that purpose, are given below;
       1- Alvin          2- Simon          3- Theodore
The correct answer of the question is "Simon". Alvin and the Chipmunk's franchise owner (Ross Bagdasarian) has suied EMI for non-paying royalities. Jr. Ross Bagdasarian said that EMI is not paying the royalities of boxed set of Chipmunk's music. After the releasing 24 songs of Chipmunks, in theaters his Hollywood partner did not pay the profit to Ross, earned through theaters. Even Ross has cased a huge claim against his Hollywood partner to fulfill his claim about the “Squeakquel's” profit that increased more than $200 millions last year. According to Ross this payment is still pending and under the consideration of court to rectify the case as soon as possible.

Releas of Verizon IPhone 4

After a long time, petience is about to end because IPhone 4 is introducing with Verizon and the technology is raising the quality of mobile phones day by day. The price of IPhone 4 is announcing as 200$ with new features in it that will allow the users with flexibility in usage and will convenience the users as per their usage. It will allow users to connect their computers with Iphone 4 through it latest antenna and different applications. Fastest internet speed can be enjoyed on Iphone 4 through WiFi, the latest technology introduced in Iphone.

Iphone 4 is basically a CDMA technology based mobile phone that allow users to get access with the fastest speed of internet. According to the Verizon management this phone will be available in America in Feb, 2011. Customers can place orders online to purchase this super antenna based mobile phone. A dream is as far as your fingers from your computer to place this order.