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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Red Jacket Firearm News

Sounds of Guns Red Jacket TV SHOW firearms will be live on Discovery Channel.
Search for "Sons of Guns" (Wednesday 26 to 09hrs January / 08hrs), which follow this that Hayden and its business (Steph, Joe, Vince, Kris and Charlie); Red Jacket, seen as 'the nation the most unique field of weapons".

"If you can dream, we can do"is the motto of Red Jacket, most unique of the nation field of weapons. Owner Hayden and his crew eclectic Baton Rouge, Louisiana gunsmiths and historians to meet the challenge daily SOUNDS world Discovery Channel the series first of arms, the creation of a single custom weapons of its kind. The show rocked on Wednesdays at 21 hours EST / PST, from January 26.

As a right shooter and a passionate historian, Will is an expert of trust to treat requests of the main customers of Red Jacket - police, servicemen and the collectors. Of guns with knifes swords in cannons, Will sells, exchanges, buys, constructs and personifies all. While the producers of weapon make silent fixed for AK-47, - t-il cross a new stage - creation silent internal who help the services of police is even stealthier in menacing situations. If somebody needs to restore a flame-thrower the Second World war to make it operational, Will be able to make it also. And when the department of the sheriff needs to turn two cannons - a shotgun and a gun - in an only one, whom they call Will.

SOUNDS OF centers guns on Will Red Jacket store, located in the middle of the bayou, in Louisiana. When Will is not the reconstruction of one " to make - back " gun of the war of the Vietnam or by using the wealth of its history knowledge arms to determine if a gun found in the loft is an antique or not, he can be found in his boutique with his daughter Stephanie and the rest of her team, exchange to tattle with his customers. That it is about a pause to have lunch competition of shooting, to go on a trip of peach bayou arch of night or to test entirely automatic M2 0,50 machine gun of caliber, the viewers will be taken the Red Jacket team always to find the time to be delighted on SOUNDS Of GUNS.

SOUNDS Of GUNS am produced for Discovery Channel by Jupiter Entertainment. Stephen Land is the executive producer, with Patrick Leigh-Bell and Stephanie Buxbaum as co-executive producers. For Discovery Channel, Dolores Gavin is the executive producer.


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