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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Charlie Louvin Death's Sad News

Charlie Louvin deceased today at the age of 83 years due to the problem of Pancreas cancer. The one of the real myth of the time of now country music, with his brother Will Go fine, Charlie Louvin did not stop recording and even after the death of his brother. The sway of the body of his work, so with his brother as Louvin Brothers and without, is immense. The cosmic movement Americana of the end of the years 60 and 70 and the movement alt-country of the beginning of the years 80 until the end years 90 can never be compare unless or until work through his Guide lines.

In 2009 a questioned asked to Charilie Louvin about his legacy’s future and he stated;

"I hope that my inheritance will be as a credible person.  I believe firmly that you are not a better person than your word.  If the people cannot believe what you speak, then you are not a lot of a person.  And then I always strove to do it.  If I say you that I will do something, you do not need a contract.  In the today world, the people want to go strictly on a contract.  My brother and me worked together for 25 years and most of the time there was not contract.  You wrote the news towards the bottom, where you were supposed to be, and you were there.  Most of the time, we had paid.  There were some people that gave you this check without provision, but this problem was not really in our career.  We worked for very honest people.  The world a lot changed today.”

Louvin had reason this special state of mind, is not so common now of the days, but it was evident in my two meet with Louvin as an investigator and as a member of the audience together that it was as professional, consumed and while engaging a person and interprets that could be asked. They do not formulate them as Charlie Louvin other.


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