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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Jimmy Buffet Hospitalization News

Jimmy Buffett was transported to a hospital in Australia today after falling of the scene during a concert... and it seems flashing lights of the director of the lighting can have released the fall that left it unconscious...  TMZ learned.

TMZ confirmed the singer 64-years was transported to the hospital St. Vincent of Sydney after hitting a big gap in front of scene at the time of the final one transmission to Hordern Pavilion. 

A member of the audience in the first row indicates TMZ it appeared Buffett was unconscious during about 5-10 minutes and that it had a huge slash on the head.  The ambulance drivers arrived 15 minutes later. 

Sean Fogarty, that was also the before plan, says TMZ Jimmy did a reminder at the end of the concert, called "Lovely Cruise" and walk alongside the edge of the scene when the person lighting splashed "a huge flash of light" alongside the stadium, which renders impossible to see and it fell.  Said Fogarty the following thing, it knew that it heard hits with the head of Buffett the metal on the way of the word. 

Another member of the audience that was close to the scene, says TMZ a lightly different history.... that it looked at as if Buffett was about to to jump the step to squeeze the hand when it poorly evaluated the jump and fell.  The member of the audience also said as it saw hits with the head Buffett a band of metal on his way towards the bottom. 

Light flash lasted 10 seconds and no one knew even Buffett had fallen until the clignotement stops. One says us that the doctors of Holy Vincent always are to evaluate his injury. 

UPDATE:  One said us Buffett is in a stable state and will remain at the hospital for observation.


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