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Monday, January 24, 2011

Hyperbaric Chamber Treatment for ailing Family

Scot and Gerri’s children were sick and they both were taken to Dr. Zahangir Khaled’s Methodist Medical Group. Both the kids were in bad condition. Dr. Zahangir was the fourth GI doctor at whom they both were taken to. Austin and Sydney were the problematical pregnancies and since then they were not in good condition.

Gerri Williams told that when Austin was only one year old, was in critical condition and he was losing his health. The entire family was worried about children who were getting weaker and weaker. They went to different doctors to rectify their kid’s disease that what kind of disease does they have and how to get recover. Khaled dedicated all his attention to both kids and rectify the disease and started his treatment.

The disease was disturbing the life day by day. Her daughter (Sydney) was continually vomiting. GI was disturbing their health in different infections like ear infections, eye infections and sinusitis. Sydney was losing her hairs and had pneumonia three time in six months duration. They were lacking energy.

When Gerry did not saw any difference in her children she started research on internet and found some valuable data for her kids. She was afraid of talking with Dr. Khaled about that research. She contacted with his nurse and told all the research that she made and then nurse discussed all that matter with Dr. Khaled and after listening to her Dr. advised to definitely research can help them out so take the kids to Wisconsin Center for Hyperbaric treatment.

Hyperbaric treatment is such a procedure which combines a highly intense oxygen and pressure. It does not rely on blood to allot oxygen to cells infect Hyperbaric treatment apply pressure to move forward oxygen directly into cells.

Now the day is where Austin is ten years old and Sydney is 8 years old and they very much different from their earlier conditions. Dr. Khaled told their parents that the improvement in health is the positive sign of treatment and he said this condition can change their lives and can positively impact at medical observations in future.

After having three treatments a big improvements found in both kids and now they can play, eat food and they also have power now. With the help of community and church they bought a soft cloth chamber set up in $25000 installed in their room. Doctors advised their parents to give them three treatments in a week at home.

Khaled is being checking them up regularly and is very much satisfied with their health improvements. Khalid takes care of their weekly hyperbaric treatment and now recommends hyperbaric treatment for such children who are suffering from mitochondrial diseases. 


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