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Monday, December 10, 2012

Pacquiao vs Marquez 4 Replay:

The fourth installment of Manny Pacquiao vs. Juan Manuel Marquez didn't disappoint, as the two boxing legends delivered a thrilling performance Saturday night in Las Vegas.
It was an action-packed battle, and unlike their three previous meetings, there won't be any controversy surrounding this one. Although Pacquiao looked like he was well on his way to a third victory over Marquez, the fearless Mexican kept his cool and unleashed one of the most devastating knockouts in recent memory.


Here is a complete recap of the fight, with some pretty pictures included.
As expected, there was a sellout crowd of 16,000 people in attendance at the MGM Grand, including Steven Seagal, Magic Johnson and Mitt Romney, who should be able to relate to Pacquiao after his own crushing defeat.

Before the fight, Pacquiao took a knee in his corner to pray. He looked much more focused heading into this fight compared to his most recent bouts. Unfortunately for Pac-Man, his pre-fight focus apparently wasn't enough to secure the W.

Pacquiao came out strong, but it was Marquez who landed the first big blow, knocking Pacquiao on his back in the third round. It was the first time that Marquez had been able to knock down Pacquiao over the course of their rivalry.

Pacquiao responded well, though, unleashing a flurry in the fifth round. He landed 21 power punches in the round, including a brutal straight left hand that sent Marquez to the canvas.


But although Marquez was bloodied, he recovered like a true champion. As Pacquiao went in for the knockout blow, he left his guard down and Marquez capitalized with the vicious right-hand cross.
In a scary moment, Pacquiao lay motionless on the ground as Marquez and his camp celebrated. Pacquiao would remain face down on the canvas for several minutes.


Thankfully, Pacquiao was able to stand up, and he congratulated Marquez on his hard-fought victory.
It was perhaps the best fight yet between these two. You can check out the video highlights below.

After the fight, both men said they would be willing to face each other for a fifth time. If they can deliver this kind of action again, I'm all for it.

Jenni Rivera died

Mexican septic tank singer Jenni Rivera, a popular recording artist and reality telebox star, is feared brown bread after a wee plane crashed early Sunday in northern Mexico. Mexico's Ministry of Transportation and Communications said the Learjet carrying seven people, including Rivera, was found in mountainous terrain near Nuevo Leon, just south of Monterrey. There were no survivors, authorities said. The plane left Monterrey around 3:30 a.m., following a concert that she had given, according to the Associated Press. The U.S.-registered Learjet 25 was headed to Toluca, near Mexico City.

The 43-year- olde Long Beach native, known to fans as "la diva de la banda," was dogs bollocks known for her interpretations of regional Mexican music, norteno and banda. She was one of NBCUniversal's biggest bilingual tele stars, with a hugely popular reality show, "I Love Jenni," on cable channel Mun2. She also had a syndicated weekly tranny programme and clobber and cosmetics lines -- all designed to appeal to U.S. Latinas. The ABC tele network was developing a sitcom starring Rivera, tentatively titled "Jenni," about a strong-willed Latina single mater.

According to Nielsen SoundScan, Rivera has sold 1.2 million albums and 349,000 digital tracks in the United States. Rivera belonged to one of the most important dynasties in contemporary U.S.-based Mexican music. Her da, Pedro Rivera, launched the independent label Cintas Acuario in 1987; it grew out of a booth at an area swap meet. Her four brothers were also involved in music, and her younger blud Lupillo also is a wildly popular Mexican regional singer. According to her Telemundo biography, Rivera didn't plan on joining the family's musical dynasty. But after an early marriage ended in divorce, she obtained a college degree in business administration and worked in real estate before going to graft for her da 's record label. Her debut, "Chacalosa" (slang for " knees up lassie "), was her introduction to the music scene. She eventually signed with Fonovisa, one of the most prominent labels in regional Mexican music, and began releasing bestselling Latin music CDs.
More than 16,000 people attended a concert that she headlined last year at Staples centre in Los Angeles. She was scheduled to appear next March at L.A.'s Gibson Amphitheatre. So many fans flocked to a record-signing event in Riverside last year that razzers reportedly were called to help disperse the massive crowd. Her tumultuous life included an early marriage and pregnancy, domestic abuse and divorce. She wove some of those themes into her songs and was an advocate for social responsibility. She founded a charitable organisation, the Jenni Rivera Love Foundation, offering support to single mothers and victims of domestic abuse in the United States. Rivera had five lads and a grandchild. Celebrity magazines said she was seeking a divorce from her second husband, former Major League Baseball player Esteban Loaiza.

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Friday, November 30, 2012

Lindsay Lohan charged in NYC

Lindsay Lohan is escorted from the 10th Precinct

Actress Lindsay Lohan was arrested outside a popular Chelsea nightclub early Thursday and charged with misdemeanor assault after striking a female patron in the face, New York City police said.

Hours later, Lohan, 26, was charged in California with lying to police and reckless driving for a June crash in which her Porsche slammed into a dump truck, The Associated Press reported.
The NYPD said Lohan was arrested outside Avenue, a 10th Avenue hot spot located between West 17th and West 18th streets in Manhattan, by 10th Precinct officers at 4 a.m.

An NYPD spokesman told Newsday Lohan was "involved in some type of dispute" inside Avenue. "She struck another female patron in the face and was arrested a short time later outside the club."
Police characterized the injuries inflicted by Lohan in the alleged incident as "minor."
After the crash in California, the actress told police her assistant was driving, but detectives determined Lohan was behind the wheel, police said, according to AP.
Prosecutors charged her with three misdemeanors: providing false information to police, reckless driving and willfully obstructing a police officer from their duties. No date for Lohan's arraignment was announced, but the charges are likely to trigger a probation violation for a 2011 necklace theft case, the AP reported.
Lohan, the "Mean Girls" star from Merrick whose most recent starring role as Elizabeth Taylor in the TV movie "Liz & Dick" was labeled a flop after being seen by only 3.5 million viewers on Sunday, was charged with third-degree assault, a misdemeanor, police said. Police said Lohan was released a few hours later, issued a desk appearance ticket.
The incident is the latest in a long string of highly publicized run-ins with the law for Lohan, who in October was involved in a heated "verbal dispute" with her mother, Dina, outside the family home in Merrick. Police at that time confirmed officers responded to a 911 call, placed just after 8 a.m., reporting a domestic incident on Old Mill Road -- but said an investigation determined there was no criminality involved.
Two entertainment websites, TMZ and RadarOnline, reported Dina Lohan scratched her daughter's leg -- and reported LiLo's bracelet was broken in the scuffle, which occurred after the two left a Manhattan club in a limousine.
In an audio recording TMZ had of a phone conversation between Lindsay Lohan and her father, Michael Lohan, while she was in the limousine, the actress says her mother grew angry after LiLo demanded the return of $40,000 she had given her mother to save her home from foreclosure.
Michael Lohan released a statement saying he recorded the conversation after making the 911 call, saying: "I did call the police at Lindsay's request. Lindsay even asked that I record the conversation because she was being held against her will by the limo driver at Dina's instruction."
Hours after the Oct. 10 incident, Lohan and her mother were seen hugging outside the front door of the home.
One day later, the actress said she lied when she said her mother was on cocaine and left a "gash" on her leg during the incident. She told TMZ that, in the heat of the argument, she made up falsehoods about her mother in the phone call to her dad. "Mom does not do cocaine," Lohan told TMZ Live on Oct. 11. "That's a fact. She's an amazing woman."
In September, LiLo and a California man filed harassment claims against each other with the NYPD. Those complaints stemmed from an early morning altercation at a posh Manhattan hotel.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Panda Friendly Reccomended by Google

The recent Google Panda update has raised the bar not only for SEO experts but also for web designers. It’s getting tougher and tougher to rank well and that means that you really have to pay attention to all designing and Google ranking factors. When we do this, search engines rewards us because we are rewarding our audience and providing them with the information and experience they are looking for. The following points will help you to make your website panda proof:-

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2.Above the fold design: Narrowing your header images, removing header banner images and pushing more content onto the top of your site will help with Panda.

3.Web Page indexing: A website with more than 100 web pages and maximum pages indexed by Google would be considered as a Panda friendly website.

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6.Webmaster tools: It enables webmasters to get a better idea of what Google “thinks” about their web sites, how the Google “spider” sees them, and what improvements could be made.

7.Social media proof: Google Panda takes social media trends seriously and content that is loved by social media sites like Twitter and Facebook gets better position in search engines.

8.Optimize for Fast Load Times: Avoid flash, single background images in the website. Google tends to favor sites that are snappy, quick, and fast.

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Friday, September 7, 2012

Amazon announces new Kindle Fire HD tablets with LTE

The new 8.9-inch Kindle Fire HD tablet will be priced at $299, the 7-inch at $199, and an LTE model at $499...
IDG News Service - Amazon on Thursday heated up the tablet competition with the introduction of new Kindle Fire HD tablets, including a model with LTE capabilities and another model with an 8.9-inch screen that can display images at a resolution of 1920 by 1200 pixels. The Kindle Fire HD will also be available in a 7-inch model. The tablets will have storage starting at 16GB, said Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, during an event in Santa Monica, Calif. The 8.9-inch Kindle HD tablet will be priced at $299 for 16GB of storage and will be available on Nov. 20. The 7-inch Kindle Fire HD model will be priced at $199 and ship on Sept. 14. The Kindle Fire HD 4G LTE wireless with 32GB of storage will be available for $499, and also ship on Nov. 20. A $49.99 annual data plan provides 250MB of data transfers per month and 20GB of storage in the cloud. The company did not clarify the screen size of the Kindle Fire HD LTE model.
The new Kindle Fire HD devices bring new features, including a larger screen, more storage and mobile broadband capabilities, compared to the original Kindle Fire, which was announced in September last year with a 7-inch screen. The new devices have a faster processor and a front-facing camera, which was not available in the original Kindle Fire. The 8.9-inch Kindle Fire HD is 8.8 millimeters thick and will weigh 566 grams. It runs on a Texas Instruments OMAP4470 dual-core ARM processor, which is based on the Cortex-A9 design. The device operates on a dual Wi-Fi range, giving it faster wireless networking than Google's Nexus 7 tablet, according to Bezos. The new devices also have a HDMI (high-definition multimedia interface) port so the tablets can be connected to high-definition TV sets. The Kindle Fire tablets now have Microsoft Exchange integration. A new email client offers support for Google's Gmail, Microsoft's Exchange and Hotmail. The new tablets also have features like X-ray, where information about actors is shown on-screen when a movie is playing. A new feature called FreeTime sets time limits for different types of content activity. For example, the new feature can set the amount of time that kids can play games during a day. Amazon has also re-priced the original Kindle Fire to $159, with more RAM and a faster processor. The tablet was originally priced at $199. The first Kindle Fire became Amazon's most successful product, and in its first year the device captured 22% of U.S. tablet sales, according to the company.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Valley Fever Strikes Ike Davis: Mets First Baseman Being Rested, Treated For Illness

NEW YORK -- Mets first baseman Ike Davis likely has valley fever and will be given days off to avoid extreme fatigue, a symptom of the disease.Davis took a physical when he arrived at spring training in Port St. Lucie, Fla., and the exam showed an abnormal chest X-ray. He was sent to New York for further tests and when he returned to camp, the Mets said Davis had a simple lung infection.The team revealed a new diagnosis Saturday night after reported Davis' condition earlier in the day."Following additional tests here and in NYC, pulmonary and infectious disease specialists have concluded that Ike likely has valley fever, which is expected to resolve itself over time," the Mets said in a statement.Davis was expected to be available to reporters Sunday.Valley fever is a fungal infection that is released from the dirt in desert regions of the Southwest and is inhaled. It can be stirred up by construction and winds. Davis lives in Arizona in the offseason."Ike is not contagious, is not taking any medication for his condition and does not currently exhibit any of the outward symptoms associated with valley fever," the Mets said. "However, Ike has been instructed to avoid extreme fatigue. No additional tests or examinations are pending, but Ike will have a follow-up exam when the team returns to NYC in early April."Expected to bat cleanup this season, Davis had two hits in an intrasquad game Saturday.Valley fever can be a serious problem – it caused Conor Jackson to miss all but the first 30 games of the 2009 season with the Arizona Diamondbacks. Greg Kraft had his promising golf career sidetracked after he contracted the disease during the 2002 Tucson Open.
After a promising rookie season, Davis missed most of 2011 with a bone bruise in his left ankle, sustained in a routine-looking collision with David Wright on May 10 in Colorado. Davis has shown no effects of the injury this spring.Davis batted .302 with seven homers and 25 RBIs in 36 games last season after hitting .264 with 19 home runs and 71 RBIs in 2010.The loss of Davis for any length of time would be a serious blow to the Mets after All-Star shortstop Jose Reyes signed as a free agent with the Miami Marlins this winter. New York has slashed its payroll after going 77-85 last season.