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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

21st World Newspaper Advertising Discussion Herding

It was a very encouraging message to emerge from this conference that the ads in the newspaper still has a role to play in the overall advertising market. Seems that despite all the attention that gets digital newspapers ads advertising revenue is still promising. It is important, however, that companies are not on the newspaper digital advertising. The most effective strategy is to adopt a multi-media.

Said one speaker, Anders Berglund, Sales Manager in a Swedish newspaper, Aftonbladet: "I do not still linked to most of the profits for printing products - you can make is still a lot of money from printing it is important to focus on attention. launches new products but also the further development of existing products ".

Offers a wide range of products, and attract no more than one drive, but in addition to aussi advertisers. Seven years, the Father and the German daily, Die Zeit, a son random rose 19% and 81% of advertising revenue. Dr. Rainer Esser, CEO of Die Zeit, a newspaper devoted to the success of the strategic expansion seen a special section for students and schoolchildren, and travel and family well in Quebec.

Said Eamonn Byrne, founder and Director of the Partnership Byrne in the United Kingdom, it is important for newspapers and advertisers to distinguish between fashion and trends. The result is that digital advertising is common now, but advertising in newspapers and will be a positive trend. Byrne goes to far as to say that dominate the future of print ads that more people than ever read newspapers, online news.
One of the reasons could be that digital advertising is a lot of pressure because it is driven by a small but very vocal people. This is because they are very strong so they get a lot of attention, which gives the impression that the only news that really matters on the Internet. But the fact of the matter is that most readers of news print and online content.

Is the case for media companies to make sure they are still relevant and maintaining the latest news, so continue to attract advertisers. At the same time they should seek to expand in other ways to remain relevant to all generations of readers.   


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