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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Mike "The Situation Handler"

Mike at every opportunity "scenario" can not handle all Sorrentino. Comics.

Be aware that if you see this video, you witness such an attack and most of them have seen is not a comedy. For some reason, Sorrentino "Comedy Central Roast Donald Trump" (Tuesday, 10:30 on Comedy Central) for being so bad than expected, was called. Comedy Central wrong before roasting roasts. Love the show and actress Brigitte court is not Nylsn, but it seems that at least knew that they were factors. Sorrentino felt physically really think it was funny.
"Because it insulted people still firing people, but very well because he hated his is completely still," he thanked the audience is clear on his face. It was all on a kill. It is certainly painful to watch at home.

Whitney Kamyngz attack, asking that he was a kid. Not even sure how to answer. Jeffrey Ross, however, knows how to get back. "You and I both have a lot of friends," Ross said Sorrentino. "We are both from New Jersey, and his first night in Comedy Night."
"This is the night of your website, just so you know," replied: "Ross, and man, and hope.


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