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Friday, January 21, 2011

Carlina White Found

For more than twenty years back a new born child who was suffering from fever was grabbed from a hospital located in New York. Her mother was very much worried and then so moved towards the emergency room to check that vacant steal. Police stated on Wednesday that snatched baby has been found and now she is a woman.

Carlina White was the snatched lady who was grabbed in her childhood when she was only 19 years old. Harlem Hospital was the location of her disappearing. Police has tried their level’s best to find out some sources and evidences to get some clues about that grabber who kidnapped Carlina White but unfortunately police did not get any proof or indications to arrest any person. Carlina’s mother always prayed for her baby and was so sure about her that she is alive.

Nejdra Nance found Carlina and told her mother by sending her Carlina’s childhood pictures and then her mother verified the pictures. Nejdra told  might Carlina is her beloved daughter.

After the verification of pictures Joy White get connected with Police Dept. and asked for their help to investigate this matter and sort out it in positive results whether Carlina is their daughter or nor. Detective Martin Brown investigated this case and attended the calls of Nejdra and after examining Joy White’s DNA and the reality opened that Nejdra Nance who was Carlina white, actually was their real missing daughter.

Elizabeth White told that Carlina moved to her real house to New York from Atlanta. She also told that she got involved in the family and doesn’t feel strange for anything. She (Carlina) was very happy with her family and aunts and cousin were there at home and they din together and enjoyed their meal with complete family. Elilzabeth told that this all incident is just like a miracle.


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