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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Blue Cross Broad Street Race News

Blue Cross Broad Street Race the ever fastest and the longest race in the world is going to held in 1st may, 2011 in Philadelphia (a city in United States). Registration for the 32nd annual BCBSR (Blue Cross Broad Street Race) is open today and the fee for the registration is $36.

It will be a huge Marathon event in Philadelphia. It’s a better opportunity for good runners to get register earlier on the site of BCBSR. After paying the fee they can be able to participate in Marathon race. This race will be consisting of at least 30,000 people which will shape in groups because this race is basically a group race. The average time for this race is about 2 hours, in which every group has to complete the race. This race will 10 miles long and the last record for this race was about 2 hours and 36 minutes.

Every group will be consist of five members each member will run for it’s assigned limit after that the other partner will carry this race on towards it’s destination. This race has been tested with the top five male and female runners. All top 5 male runners ended this in 48-49 minutes, while female runners have been completed this race in 55 minutes or one hour.


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