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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Mitch Mustain Arrested

Police in Southern California, Los Angeles say that the player set aside Mitch Mustain old was putted behind the bars on doubt of trading the instructions of drugs. Narrator of LAPD (Bruce Borihanh) states about Mustain that he was putted behind bars due to his negligence. He was arrested this Tuesday night by narcotics department when he was in San Fernando Valley.

He got financial guarantee of about $30,000 besides it there isn’t any information popped out regarding his arrestment till now. Mustain turned into the backup player who appeared in quarterback for the Trojans after moving to USC from Arkansas in the year 2007. Mitch joined the game in the last period when the match was against Notre Dame. This opportunity got success when Matt Barkley got unfit with the wounds.


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